One of the main concerns we encounter with our incoming clients is that they don’t know how to create a lead magnet that converts and they aren’t sure which strategy is the best for them to build their list. 

We’ve simplified the process of how to create lead magnets by breaking down which strategies work well and how you can use them to build your list, whether it’s a chatbot, SMS or email list.

We will give you a few lead magnet examples that you can use immediately after reading this article. 

If you’re one of the business owners who don’t know what a good lead magnet is, and don’t really understand how to create a powerful lead magnet – this is for you. 

Even a lot of people that are experienced online marketers and marketers in general still struggle with this so you’re not alone.

What Is A Lead Magnet & How Do I Use Them In My Business?

When I started marketing my own services I dropped the ball when it comes to lead magnets because I thought that a solid lead magnet was giving my services away for free. Think trial periods… which was a decent lead magnet, but I learned quickly that it wasn’t an effective way of getting business and KEEPING it. 

Some examples of good lead magnets are:

These are good lead magnets because they attract the right people into your customer journey funnel. 

When using them in your business you need to keep your end-user in mind. If you are marketing to people with almost no free time choosing to run a workshop or webinar might not be the best lead magnet.

Benefits of Building A Lead Magnet And Growing Your List

One of the main reasons you want to build a lead magnet is to grow your list because you don’t own any of the data on the social media platforms your audience was built on – think Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.

You don’t own Facebook, and so if Facebook was shut down, then your audience would be shut down as well. If your profile gets shut down – guess what? The audience that you built up, that you’re using for lead generation, would be gone.

When you get your audience on your email list you don’t have to worry about this. 

If you have them in your chatbot and lost your Facebook, you would lose your chatbot list as well. 

That’s why I like email marketing. You own your list.

Here’s the thing to beware of though – a lot of times, people opt into lead magnets and do not take any action at all but they’re effective ways to build up your audience. 

How To Create A Lead Magnet That Converts With Ease

The best lead magnets solve a simple or common problem for your ideal client. 

You want to help them get from where they are to where they desire to be in three to five minutes and with minimal effort. 

To create the best lead magnets it needs to be:

It’s important to not give them too much information, however, because if you overload them with the information they will feel overwhelmed and shut down. 

This is primarily because they’re not going to know what to do with it yet without your expert service. 

The most important thing to consider when thinking about lead magnet ideas is how you can move them from being uncertain about working with you to knowing you are the solution to their headaches. 

How can you help them move forward with their business and do it in three to five minutes? 

My best lead magnets are pdf workbooks that explain really simple concepts that bring awareness to my ideal client’s struggles.

When you’re thinking about what kind of lead magnet you want to create, you need to think about what your ideal client needs to turn their frustrated faces into smiley faces. 

It’s really about keeping your lead magnet simple.

The Best Lead Magnets Keep It Simple And To The Point

Focus on making it quick and easy to consume. Make sure that it gives them the why and what they need to do, but not too much of the how, because the how is where you will lose them to analysis paralysis.

Your best prospects and clients don’t even have time to be on an hour to an hour and a half webinar, 2 day workshop or to read your ebook.

How many profitable businesses that have clients and are generating consistent revenue every month have that time to spare without cutting into their personal life? They want to focus on running their business. 

If you’re running an agency, your lead magnet could be a short checklist that businesses use for their digital or social media marketing. 

SaaS company?  Create an evergreen demo that will help them to be able to understand and experience how your product solves their problems. 

If you’re a doctor or service professional an ebook on solving a unique problem in your niche would be an amazing lead magnet. 

When these strategies are executed properly your potential client is going to  be like, “wow, this person is an expert in this industry, I know I need their services now.”

The Money Is In The List Which Is Why You Need A Lead Magnet

Having a lead magnet is useless if you’re not marketing to your new leads on the backend. You took the time to collect this data, your new prospects got your lead magnet and they’re loving it. 

For an example of my most successful lead magnet visit and you will see a combination of the strategies above. 

You see these huge smiles on their faces because they’re happy their problem is solved. This is your list now! Having your prospects on a list allows you to warm them up even more by providing them with more valuable information.

Utilize a long-term nurture sequence to build trust and stay in front of your list on a consistent basis. That is the beauty of a lead magnet and building your list. 

They might not buy it today, they might not buy it tomorrow, but there’s been times where I’ve had people purchase my services after being on my list for 12 months.

Let us know if this blog helped in the comments and what you want to read next. 

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