How Do You Get More Time As A Local Or Small Business Owner?

How many times have you said that you would be more successful if had a few more of you to get all of your work done? 

I get it, I have 7 kids. 

That’s not a typo. 

My time is limited. So when I think about what I need to grow my business it’s obviously more time.

So, how do you get more time when your lifestyle does not give you that kind of flexibility though? That’s the million-dollar question, right?

If you’re a David Goggins, Joe Rogan or Jocko fan you will wake up at 3am, eat elk meat and run 20 miles before sunrise. 

You can always automate your redundant and multistep processes if that’s not your thing though. Going this route will also free up more of your time to research those guys above and do that thing as well. 

Kidding but not kidding. 

Automation can undoubtedly change your life and business. 

In this blog, I will stop telling jokes and start dropping some knowledge nuggets on how you can get more sales conversions with easy to implement do it yourself automated workflows. 

If you don’t like reading watch this short 5-minute video on YouTube.

The first step to any good automated workflow is to know your end goal. 

To keep things simple and get into the flow of the lingo aka jargon aka confusing stuff we will use the example of collecting emails for a monthly newsletter. 

Most local and small businesses have a monthly newsletter because they believe they need one. I’m all for list building. After all my company is called List Converter Pro

How Do Small And Local Businesses Automate Their Processes

How Do Small And Local Businesses Automate Their Processes?

So how do you automate this simple process? 

The first step would be creating a way for your ideal clients to give you their contact information in exchange for access to your monthly newsletter. 

Most local and small businesses have a website. You can use your website to embed a form that is linked to List Converter Pro. 

It can be in your footer, as a popup, in your banner, etc. 

When people submit their contact information through the form, List Converter Pro will create a contact with that information and store it for you. 

This is where the fun begins. 

You will set up an automation inside of the ‘Workflow’ builder that adds the contacts who subscribe to your monthly newsletter to an automated email drip campaign that goes out monthly. 

You can also send this information directly to Google Analytics and the Meta Pixel as well using conversion API. 

This is a very basic example of using automation to manage a workflow inside of your business. 

What about some more advanced strategy though?

Say you use something like Leadpages to capture your leads already and you don’t want to use List Converter Pro’s form or landing page builder but the workflows sound sexy? 

You can continue using Leadapages and use Zapier to connect with List Converter Pro and push that data to the platform. 

You can create all of the segmentation you desire with tags and then use those tags to trigger automated workflows inside of List Converter Pro. 

Literally, you can automate nearly any after opt-in action you can think of. 

How Small And Local Businesses Manage Their Pipelines On Autopilot

How Small And Local Businesses Manage Their Pipelines On Autopilot

With the built-in pipeline manager, you can keep your sales team focused on closing deals instead of cleaning up their pipeline as well. 

So you can have someone opt-in from a Google Ad or Facebook Ad that leads to a Leadpage landing page and then pushes that information to List Converter Pro using Zapier. 

You can then create a new ‘opportunity’ inside of your pipeline, tag the contact for audience segmentation, send an automated email and SMS message, and push the data directly to Google and Meta using conversion API. 

This by the way helps you to get around the iOS 14 update that made it harder to retarget your audience. 

That alone will increase your sales by being able to optimize your campaigns to find only the BEST conversions. 

This is the power of data and why major corporations spend so much to obtain and control big data. 

List Converter Pro allows you to run your small and local business like the big dogs. 

YES, this level of ‘sophistication’ is available to you and it’s EASY to implement. 

YES, there is a slight learning curve. 

For some of you, this will be an insurmountable peak and you will end your free trial before ever logging in.

Logging in will be the hardest part for you and you will email me asking for a refund because you forgot to cancel your membership in 14 days because you didn’t even log in. 


I see you.

How Small And Local Businesses Standout To Increase Sales

How Small And Local Businesses Standout To Increase Sales

The best part about automating processes as we outlined above is that when you increase your responsiveness it is way more likely that you are going to convert that lead. 

If you’re reading this blog you have been in business long enough to know that the longer your lead sits the colder it gets. 

Even the hottest leads will turn stale if you don’t reach out to them when they are hot and heavy about you and your product or service. 

Don’t forget there are a million and one ‘best’ competitors in their inbox, voicemail, and DMs every day. 

You are not special. 

So being on the ball and sending out that automated message and segmenting your list allows you to not only be responsive but also, and most importantly set up triggers based on contact tags that will add your leads into automated marketing campaigns relevant to them. 

This is so powerful because when you send your leads the right content that actually adds value to their life and solves their needs and it doesn’t skip a beat you dramatically increase your likelihood to turn them into a customer. 

This is why we created List Converter Pro. 

It helps small and local businesses do what they do best and that support their communities by growing. 

Let us know if this blog helped in the comments and what you want to read next. 

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