How frustrating is it when you have a day full of sales calls and not a single one shows up?

Or the one call that does show up isn’t actually a sales call at all and felt like a huge waste of time? 

Sales are not for the weak of heart.

You eat what you kill, and if you aren’t good at hunting the whales you’re probably going to be living pretty lean. 

Can you relate?

So what can you do to increase the number of sales you have without wasting copious amounts of your time – precious time at that – waiting for no-shows and tire kickers?

In this blog, I’m going to break down the best strategy you can execute without overextending and overwhelming yourself. 

Don’t like to read? 

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One of the most important responsibilities of any business owner or sales professional is to have appointments with qualified leads. 

We all have heard time and time again that if we don’t have sales we can’t keep the lights on. 

It’s a really simple concept. 

The difficult part for most sales professionals is what is a ‘qualified lead’?

This is debatable at best and really depends on your business model. 

The easiest way to think of this is do you want a higher volume of leads with lower purchase intent or a lower volume of leads with higher purchase intent. 

Once you have decided which strategy works best for your business model you can move forward. 

Decrease The Amount Of Time Spent On Unqualified Leads

Decrease The Amount Of Time Spent On Unqualified Leads

The next step in increasing your sales is to get more qualified leads. 

This is really simple and can be executed with a lead magnet

You want your lead magnet to collect the information that is critical to you determining if your lead is qualified or not. 

If you want a higher volume of leads with lower purchase intent you can collect less information. For example, only collecting first name and email address. 

If you want a lower volume of leads with higher purchase intent you can collect more information. For example how much money they make, what other investments they have made, and if they are serious about investing in your products or services.’

Again this is your decision to make. 

This is a critical step not to be ignored because all good relationships start on the right foot. 

Your sales process is similar to the dating process and the first impression is extremely important to establishing a positive relationship and long-term experience. 

You can use List Converter Pro to create your landing page and forms. 

List Converter Pro’s workflow builder can automate the entire process after your form is submitted saving you time and money. 

Plus it is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. 

To keep things simple pretend our landing page is an ‘appointment booking funnel’. 

Now that we have our ‘appointment booking funnel’ complete we can use List Converter Pro’s workflow builder to create an automated appointment setting funnel that pre-qualifies your leads. 

Automate Your Calendar Scheduling Process With A Few Clicks

Automate Your Calendar Scheduling Process With A Few Clicks

Using the workflow builder is super easy because we have premade workflow recipes that you can use. 

In this strategy, we are going to use the ‘Appointment Confirmation + Reminder + Survey + Review Request’ recipe. 

Once you have plugged in the appropriate fields and updated your links you will want to test your new workflow before pushing it live. 

List Converter Pro has a built-in ‘test mode’ for you to test your workflows safely before making them live. 

Workflow builder can automate the calendar booking process

Now that your workflow is live and connected to your ‘appointment booking funnel’, you will want to make sure that your calendar settings are set up the way that you want them. 

It is so important to double and triple-check your work. 

If you mess up your workflow or find an error the workflow builder has a ‘history’ feature that allows you to see all of the previous versions of the workflow so you don’t have to fret about making mistakes. 

By implementing this automated appointment setting, reminder, and confirmation workflow that utilizes email and SMS marketing you will see more of your sales calls show up and convert into paying customers on a regular basis. 

This is because you are staying in front of your appointments every step of the way at key junctures in their purchase journey. 

We often overestimate the half-life of enthusiasm and forget that people have incredibly busy plus complex lives. 

Now more people than ever are working from home while trying to juggle having their children also virtual learning. 

Remember To Keep Your Customers In Mind Always

Remember To Keep Your Customers In Mind Always

This can make remembering that appointment you booked last week while preparing lunch and trying to work extremely difficult. 

When you get the SMS or email reminder and confirmation message it’s a huge convenience because now I remember my commitment and I don’t have to search my inbox for my initial appointment confirmation. 

This also creates a layer of trust between you and your appointment because you took the time to think about them and set up this reminder message. 

It’s a win-win for everyone involved. 

The best part is you can deploy all of this with List Converter Pro and automate a large chunk of the work. 

This means MORE sales and FEWER no-shows. 

That sounds awesome, doesn’t it? 

Let us know if this blog helped in the comments and what you want to read next. 

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