So many people complain that they spend hours upon hours on Instagram but never get leads or sales.

Running my own marketing agency, my clients come to me with similar issues. I get it and can relate. If you’re not making money it can be confusing what is wrong with your marketing strategy.

I’ve created a list of the best Instagram marketing strategies we use inside of my agency to help you out.

Instagram Is The Best Social Media Platform

First, let’s break down Instagram as a platform though.

Instagram is an extension of the social media company, Meta formerly known as Facebook. Over the last few years, Instagram has started to prioritize content creation and content creators through its new features including but not limited to ‘Reels’, ‘Stories’ and ‘Instagram Videos’. 

This is great news for you because as a business owner you are a content creator whether you realize it or not. 

So what do you do to get more business from Instagram? 

First, you need to determine what your goal is. 

What do you want to accomplish? 

Most of the businesses that I work with start off by saying they want more patients, increased sales, or more leads. 

This is a great place to start but it’s vague when you’re creating a plan. 

Instagram Is The Best Social Media Platform

Using Instagram’s Audience Insights For Market Research

The best way to strategize for long-term success and not just be a flash in the pan is to think about your ideal client and create a profile of who they are. You can use your Instagram ‘Insights’ data to help get basic demographic information like age, sex, and location.

Once you have created this ‘customer profile’ you can identify what it is that they need to have a successful experience with your products or services. Think about what the perfect customer journey is for this person and what key moments in that journey are for them. 

By doing this we can create non-invasive opportunities for our best customers to enter our world. 

The key is to remember that every time someone takes an action in your world, follow, message, email, or opt into a lead magnet, they are making a micro commitment to your business. 

This means that when you get your followers to comment on your posts that’s also a micro commitment. It’s like the old sales strategy of getting your lead to say ‘yes’ early and often no matter what the context is. 

That way once you go to offer your services they will be so used to saying ‘yes’ they will say it one more time to do business with you. 

By getting your ideal customers to engage with your Instagram account frequently you are in fact creating positive momentum pushing them deeper into your customer journey. 

The best content for these people should be created with their needs in mind. You can identify these needs by referring to your ‘customer profile’. 

Using Instagram’s Audience Insights For Market Research

Turn Your Followers Into Subscribers and Customers

Once you’ve created content that appeals to your ideal audience they will start discovering you on the platform. 

Instagram’s organic SEO is very powerful so you will for sure be found if you are consistently posting at least once a day but ideally 3 times a day. 

The best way to take your audience from engaging with this content to becoming a paying client is to identify their needs and create a lead magnet  that solves an immediate problem for them. 

One of my best lead magnets is a daily message sent directly to your inbox. 

This audience is heavily into self-development and I get on average every other visitor of my landing page as an email subscriber. 

I’ll take that every day. 

My clients have had a lot of success with SMS-initiated campaigns to book calls, direct messaged-initiated campaigns to deliver lead magnets, and Instagram ‘Story’ initiated campaigns to drive website traffic. 

Whichever option works best for you depends on your customer profile and the accompanying customer journey. 

You might find that your audience really loves to direct message you and so messenger marketing makes the most sense. 

This can be easily executed with List Converter Pro’s direct Instagram messages integration feature. 

This allows you to create a trigger that is initiated when someone messages you the ‘trigger word or phrase’. In return, they will get an automated message requesting important information needed to go deeper into your customer journey. 

Turn Your Followers Into Subscribers and Customers

I highly caution against using links, especially shortened links, inside of Instagram messages from my own experiences. Comment below if you think I should write a blog or make a YouTube video about these experiences. 

You can use List Converter Pro’s ‘Phone’ feature to execute this same strategy using SMS marketing but that is something we can tackle in another blog. 

If your ideal customers are more self-sufficient or you don’t have the stomach to invite people to your inbox you can use your Instagram ‘Story’ feature to connect with your audience in an intimate yet non-invasive way. 

In your Instagram ‘Story’ you can add a link to your post using the ‘Link Button’ within the ‘Story’ feature. 

This has very high effectiveness and is one of my favorite ways to convert my followers into subscribers.

Instagram Marketing Is The Gift That Keeps Giving

No matter which strategy works best for you, with persistence and optimization you can turn your Instagram into an organic lead magnet for the long haul. Remember that every day you work on creating better content for your ideal customer profile the easier it will be for them to discover you. 

Pro Tip: 

If you aren’t getting any traction whatsoever try creating a brand new account from scratch. 

There is no rhyme or reason for this besides what I believe to be a low ‘profile reputation’ for previous Community Standards violations or low-quality content. 

Remember you are not the judge of whether or not your content is quality. 

Neither is anyone paid to tell you what you want to hear or it is in their best interest to agree with you… just saying!

Let us know if this blog helped in the comments and what you want to read next. 

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